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Every year we receive fan-mail from our many visitors. In the last few years comments have also been posted on social media and review websites which we will gradually add links to. Our most recent review website is that for mummytravels which reviews locations suitable for parents with very young children. We hope that the sample below will encourage you to come and see us in the future.

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Pupil's letters"My favourite part was ... "
"going to the beach".
"the robot dinosaur".
"the pattern and colour wheel".
"the sand pit using the brushes and finding the bones".
"hunting for fossils".
"looking for dinosaurs".
"seeing the dinosaurs". 

Primary School, Isle of Wight, Year 1, 2019
School teacher"To Mr Price,
Thank you so much for teaching us lots of interesting facts when we visited Dinosaur Isle."

Teacher, Primary School, Isle of Wight, Reception Class, 2012
Pupil's letter"Dear Dinosaur Isle,
I am writing to say that I absolutely loved your museum and so did the rest of my school. Also the talk we had was GREAT! We all enjoyed it thoroughly and it was a fabulous place to visit!

My two favourite parts were the awesome mechanical dinosaur and the talk. I loved how the mechanical dinosaur moved and that we could control it! The talk was amazing and I learned what fossilized dinosaur poo looked like and much more 'less' disgusting facts.

Thank you a lot for showing us your wonderful museum and thankyou to the man who gave us the talk! (The gift shop was great!).

Pupil, Junior School, Middlesex, Year 6, 2010
School teacher"Dear Martin & Trevor,
Just a note to say thank you for a great day on Monday. The children and adults thought it was a brilliant day. Really interesting, educational and fun, you covered everything. I am sure you will get lots more visits over the holiday."

School teachers, Primary School, Isle of Wight, Year 2, 2010
Pupil's letter"Dear Steve, (Palaeontologist)
I am writing to thank you on behalf of *** Junior School for your fantastic talk with us last week whilst we visited the Island.

For me it was the highlight of the week and I enjoyed it immenseley. I feel a bit scared that we could maybe get fossolised! But luckily you'll be glad to hear we all got home safely. I really liked your talk because we got to be all hands on! I learnt a lot as well ..."

Pupil, Junior School, Kent, Year 6, 2009
School teacher"Dear Sir,
I am writing to thank all the people involved in making a visit to Dinosaur Isle on 10th July so successful and worthwhile for my colleagues, 52 children and myself.

All the help I received in planning the visit was much appreciated and we were all made to feel so welcome by everyone we came into contact with. The children had a wonderful morning on the beach searching for fossils and back at the museum too. It was a most successful part of our residential visit on the Island.

Please pass on my grateful thanks to all concerned."

Primary School, Warwickshire, Years 5 & 6, July 2008
School teacher"Trevor, ... The Dinosaur Isle trips are legendary at Seaford College thanks to the enthusiasm of yourself and your staff."

School teacher, College, West Sussex
School teacher"Dear Trevor,
Thank you very much for the informative and enjoyable time my class spent with you on 6th June. All the children gained much from the experience and were delighted with the fossils they took home. (These featured in our class assembly!)
Thank you particularly that it was possible for the little boy who uses a wheelchair to join in too. His father developed huge muscles that day!
We look forward to visiting Dinosaur Isle again next year. Thanks again."

School teacher, Primary School, Chessington,
Year 5, 2007
School teachers"Dear Steve,
Thank you very much for what I can honestly say was the best school trip I have ever been on!
The museum was great; it was lovely to be able to handle all the fossils, and the beach walk - with your expert knowledge and keen eyes - was just fantastic!! Thank you for all your help and kindness too."

School teachers, Primary School, Hampshire,
Year 1, 2007
Head of Geography
and Director of Outdoor Education
"I have just returned to Wiltshire after a week's field studies course where all aspects of Island life and heritage were studied by my pupils.
Wherever we went we were impressed by the kindness and hospitality of Island residents and inspired by the multifarious speakers who imparted their knowledge and considerable expertise of their specialisms with enthusiasm and passion.
The Island will surely continue to attract young people of all ages to enrich their all-round education if she retains ambassadors such as these."

Private School, Wiltshire, 2007. Letter published in IW County Press March 30 2007
Pupil's letter"I am writing to thank you for such a great time at Dinosaur Isle.

I really found my visit interesting, and I loved all the models. It was fascinating being able to actually smell the different smells of a dinosaur. All the dinosaur bones you have collected were amazing. Your mechanical dinosaur was incredible; the way you made it move really showed me how a dinosaur travelled.

Thank you, your museum really inspired me to look up more about dinosaurs."

Pupil, Primary School, Essex, 2006
School teacher"We had a great time and enjoyed the experience. Thanks for the effort, knowledge and enthusiasm you brought to the day.

We shall be coming again."

Teacher, Junior School, Isle of Wight, Year 5 Extinction Project, 2006
School teacher"May I take this opportunity to thank you once again for the splendid visit which we carried out this year. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves as did the staff who attended.

We look forward to seeing you again in 2007."

Teacher, Primary School, West Sussex, 2006
Class 3 Teacher"I am writing to thank you for a very enjoyable trip with our class 3 to Dinosaur Isle. The whole day was a very informative visit for the children and please pass on our thanks to the gentleman that accompanied us.

We will look forward to a further visit next year."

Class 3 Teacher, Primary School, Isle of Wight, 2006

Polacanthus drawing

Pupil's letter

"I had a very good interesting time at the Dinosaur Isle and so did the rest of my school. The worksheet was quite hard and made us focus. I enjoyed it so much that when I am older I have changed my ambition and would like to be a archaeologist. I am sure everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

I hope to come back to the Isle of Wight when I am older and hope to visit the dinosaur Isle. By then you will probably have discovered every species of dinosaur known to man."

Pupil, Junior School, Middlesex, 2006
Pupil's letter"Dear Dinosaur Isle,

I am writing to thank you for the talk you did for us. We all enjoyed it. We also liked looking at the dinosaur bones and smelling different things like a swamp or a rotting corpse; that one wasn't very nice but we still liked it! We enjoyed looking at the stones with fossils in them and seeing how much they weighed. We all had a great day. Thank you."

Pupil, Primary School, Petersfield, 2006
Group Leader's letter"I am writing on behalf of my group of year 6 children, who recently attended an annual geographical field studies course on the Island, to thank you for your contribution in making this year's trip so enjoyable and successful!

The children were very interested in all you had to tell them and our visit to you contributed greatly to their understanding and appreciation of Island life. Judging from their response and the vivid accounts in their diaries of the week, their memories of the trip will last a lifetime!"

Head of Geography/Outdoor education, Primary School, Wiltshire, 2005

Pupil's drawing of their visit; from their hotel to the museum, and then on to look for fossils on the beach. 2006

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Adult groups

The Mid Week Geology Group, Yorkshire.

"To Steve and Trevor,
... Thank you for making our stay on the Island so informative, memorable and entertaining ... ... With so many thanks for such well organized and enjoyable outings ... ... Many thanks for being such excellent guides ... ... Thank you both for a most enjoyable 3 days ... ... Expectations were fully met! ..."

Just an e-mail to thank you and Steve very much for an excellent and very geologically informative three days last week. Together our team effort marshalled everyone in the right place at the right time to be lead by two fully on the ball geologists who are clearly very proud of their Isle of Wight for three very full days of geology. We thoroughly enjoyed a memorable stay on the island which I am sure met everyone's expectations.
Next time I visit will be to search for the fossils!!"

MWGG, April 2008

CAAR GB"Dear Trevor,
Many thanks for making the trip to 'Dinosaur Isle' so enjoyable and so very interesting.
Everybody enjoyed immensely the experience of the Field Trip, fossil hunting. Your talk was very interesting and knowledgeable and the museum was amazing - to think one of those animals could be an ancestor!
You were so interesting to listen to and so helpful, once again thank you Trevor."

Car club from Hampshire, 2008
"Dear Trevor and Steve,
Thank you very much to both of you for making our visit to the IoW so informative and enjoyable.
Your knowledge and enthusiasm for the geology and other history of the Isle surpassed our expectations of any field trip leader. We were truly in awe of it all. Your explanations helped to put so much in context and bring it all to life."

The Open University Geological Society.  April 2006

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Museum visitors

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Fossil walkers

Holidaymaker on summer guided fossil walks to Shanklin and Yaverland."Hello Trevor, We have just come back from a very enjoyable week on the Island and particularly enjoyed the trips booked through yourselves to Yaverland and Shanklin. ... Thanks again for making our fossil hunting great fun again and look forward to doing more trips next summer."

Visitor from the UK mainland, July 2012
Visitor on public field trip"Hi Trevor,
Firstly many thanks for the most enjoyable walk along the Yaverland area, way back on Good Friday. The weather was not of the best, but it was more than made up for by the company & walk.
The day was even more special as my grandson & myself found a small 4" piece of Dinosaur bone, which now resides as pride of place in his bedroom in Singapore & the envy of his new friends & classmates. ..."

UK Holidaymaker, now living in Singapore, Easter 2008 
Visitor on mountain-biking field trip."Went on the DinoRide - found that interesting so came to learn more. I really enjoyed the dinoride..."

Visitor from Portsmouth, Hampshire.  DinoRide - part of the Isle of Wight Cycling Festival, 16th September 2007
Visitor on public field trip"Dear Steve,
Thank you for the enjoyable dinosaur walk that you led yesterday for the group I was with. It opened a few 'windows' into another world for many of us, and I shall visit beaches with fresh eyes, especially those beaches with interesting cliffs. It was nice to do something that all the different ages could enjoy."

Visitors from Romsey, Hampshire. Public field trip April 2007

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