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To book one of the walks below please call 01983 404344 after 9:30

A French geological society visiting the Island; at Hanover Point looking for evidence of dinosaurs.Staff from Dinosaur Isle Museum lead a number of guided walks at sites of known palaeontological and geological interest on the Isle of Wight.

Booking arrangements are detailed at the top of each month.

All guided walks must be pre-booked.

About our guided trips and events

For supplementary information on fossil walks please see the yellow box at the beginning of each month.

All of our beach walks take place on sand, and sometimes there are pools of water so please wear sensible footwear (wellingtons are a good idea in the winter).

We welcome sharing of our events on social media, but would ask that those who post our events on other media to please include our booking and pre-payment requirements clearly in the posts. We supply down-loadable posters in pdf format for some events.



Please call us on (01983) 404344 during opening hours, or drop into the museum to book.

Discount vouchers apply only to museum admission and are not refundable against fossil walks.

We have a limited number of places on each walk. Walks during school holidays fill up very quickly.  We advise booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

December 2022

Title and description When Contact details, booking arrangements and any charges.
Fossil Walk Details as below Contact Dinosaur Isle on (01983) 404344 to reserve a place, or book at the museum shop.

Booking essential.

Adults £5.00,
Children (ages 3 to 15) £4.00,
Family (2+2) £16.50,
Family (2+3) £19.50,
Concession (pensioners/ students) £4.00.
Yaverland Fri 30th at 10:00

February 2023

Title and description When Contact details, booking arrangements and any charges.
Fossil Walk Details as below Contact Dinosaur Isle on (01983) 404344 to reserve a place, or book at the museum shop.

Booking essential.

Adults £5.00,
Children (ages 3 to 15) £4.00,
Family (2+2) £16.50,
Family (2+3) £19.50,
Concession (pensioners/ students) £4.00.
Yaverland Tue 14th at 10:00
Shanklin Wed 15th at 10:30
Yaverland Thu 16th at 12:00
Yaverland Fri 17th at 13:00

Site access


A few minutes walk along the seawall from Dinosaur Isle, and then via a short flight of steps onto a sandy beach.

We have a beach wheelchair which is available for children during the Yaverland walks. The child must be capable of supporting their own back, and will need to be capable of walking or being carried down the short flight of steps between the carpark and the beach. Please let us know when you book the walk if you require the chair so that we can ensure that it is ready. Please visit our School field trip webpage for a picture of the chair at Yaverland.


The sandy and pebbly foreshore is reached by a wide concrete ramp. The beach is crossed by wooden groynes and so participants may need to step over these if the tide is higher than normal. Further on the beach can be covered by larger boulders, and there may be rockpools depending on the sand conditions on the day.

Brook Bay

Access is via a muddy path (during the winter, or after rain) with a cobbled surface onto a sandy beach. In places the beach is crossed by sandy ridges and those who take part may need to step over these. The shore platform can be slippery and wet so wellingtons or other strong waterproof boots, with good grip are advisable in the winter .

Compton Bay

This beach is accessed by a flight of wooden steps and a final set of steep metal steps. The surface is mainly sandy, but underneath can be muddy and there are often wet pools or streams to cross. Wellingtons or other strong waterproof boots, with good grip are advisable in the winter.

Ventnor Geowalk

We sometimes run a coastal walk in Ventnor.  This takes place along steep paths and steps so is not suitable for buggies or wheelchairs. Due to the unguarded nature of some edges this walk is for adults and older children / teenagers only, with dogs on leads please.

Fossil Walks - Frequently asked questions

1. Can we take our dog on one of your walks?
Yes; as long as it is under control.

2. Is the walk suitable for buggies?
In general Yes; but Yaverland has a short flight of narrow steps, Shanklin has wooden groynes, Brook has a bumpy path and Compton has a number of flights of steps so be prepared for a bit of an adventure at times! The smaller the buggy, and the lighter it is the easier it will be to push it on the sand. Where a walk is likely to be unsuitable for small-wheeled buggies we will state this on the advertising.

3. How long does a walk last?
It varies; we try to allow at least one and a half hours on site, but if there are a lot of finds we can be there for two. We don't ask you to stay if you need to leave (and very young childen sometimes find an hour is enough for them). The Brook walk typically lasts for two hours or more because of the need to return to the starting car-park; and in the summer the possible stop at the ice-cream van.

4. Why do I need to book and pre-pay?
Our walks are popular and can fill up quickly, and we need to make sure that we have enough space to give everyone who wants to go a fair chance of getting on them.  We limit the numbers on our walks to ensure that the guide can engage with all of our visitors during the walk, and ensure that you have the best opportunity to ask questions.

5. Should we bring any tools?
No; please don't. We only look for loose fossils on the beach so there isn't any need for hammers or shovels. But children should bring along a strong plastic bag or small bucket to carry finds in.

6. Who leads your walks?
The guide on your walk will be a member of staff of Dinosaur Isle; graduate qualified, with years of experience of the location and leading walks. They will be able to advise on the geology and palaeontology, and will be aware of the safety precautions that may be needed. You will be provided with a briefing on what to look for, and this will include a safety briefing (although as a public place we anticipate low levels of risk).

7. What happens if the trip is cancelled?
We reserve the right to cancel a trip due to bad weather etc. In this event we will offer you a walk on an alternative date. If this is not acceptable we will offer a refund.

If you need to cancel a walk you have booked please let us know.  Subject to availability we will move you to another day/time.


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